No, he still doesn’t sleep through the night!

img_2381Ever since having my baby every time I meet anyone one question that invariably crops up is ‘well is he sleeping through the night yet?’. I think I should just get a t-shirt printed that says NO HE IS NOT SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! I don’t know why this is just a touchy subject for me, it may be partly because I have always loved my sleep but it is mainly because when I say no I normally hear how everyone else seems to have had their babies sleeping through the night from 3 months and they then feel the need to advise me on what I am doing wrong. Do people not think I have tried everything by now- white noise, black out blinds, night light, cutting out a day time nap, giving longer day time nap, giving bigger bedtime fed, having room warmer, having room cooler, earlier bedtime, later bedtime, controlled crying, you name it and we have tried it! 

I actually thought we were doing quite good stopping night time feeds at 8 weeks   and even though he would still be unsettled a few times during the night didn’t normally fully waken up until morning so foolishly I assumed that sleeping through the night wasn’t too far away! There even was the odd night when we did make it through to about 6 o’clock uninterrupted and although I congratulated myself on this achievement I could be guaranteed that the following night would be worse than ever! However since hitting the 8 month mark sleep has become something of a distant memory with hourly wake ups then fully awake and ready to party by 5 o’clock every morning! I have been blaming sleep regression and teething in the hope that these will soon pass but in the middle of the night in my sleep deprived state I begin to think my child may never sleep through the night!

However as I write this post at 5am I am looking at my thriving baby crawling around the room pausing to pull himself up on my seat before attempting to take a few steps and giving me a toothy smile delighted at his new found skills. So maybe I do look like zombie but my little man is just perfect in my eyes whether he sleeps through the night or not and I wouldn’t have him any other way!


22 thoughts on “No, he still doesn’t sleep through the night!”

  1. It’s so nice to hear that it’s not just my 8 month old daughter that thinks sleep is for the weak!!! I think the “how is she sleeping” question us my biggest irritation.

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  2. If it’s any consolation, my youngest finally started sleeping through at 19 months! And I’m still exhausted because she likes to call out in her sleep 🙂

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  3. I knew I would like this post when I read the title. We have read so many books, taken so much advice and my little girl (who is ten months) just won’t sleep through the night. And I hate talking about it to people.

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  4. Wait… are the children that actually sleep through the night? I have four, and I’m convinced they are vampires. I mean one is only 6 weeks old, but still.

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  5. By the sounds of it he is a thriving and developing well. Don’t take it personally- He will sleep through the night one day. PS. Well done on being awake enough to be so productive at 5:00am

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  6. By the sounds of it he is a thriving and developing well. Don’t take it personally- He will sleep through the night one day. PS. Well done on being awake enough to be so productive at 5:00am

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  7. Great post!! And a little convicting. I always ask mom’s “Are you getting enough sleep?” Which really is pretty much the same as, “Is your baby sleeping through the night?” Shame on me!!😂 And I think you should definitely make a shirt that says, “No, he’s not sleeping through the night!” Loved that!

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  8. Ditto on the no he does not sleep through the night. Some nights are good for me, but mostly my now almost 2 year old still does not sleep all night. Growing pains, barking dogs, teething… you name it has all been issues for my little guy and his ability to sleep. I sympathize completely and hope that it gets better for you.

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