Visitor rules- reasonable or taking it too far?

img_2447One new Mum has hit the news lately by posting online her list of rules that she will ask guests to adhere to when visiting her newborn baby. She has come under criticism for being too harsh but while I don’t feel the need for a formal written list of rules most of what she was asking from her guests was perfectly reasonable. While I wouldn’t go as far as to ask guests to do housework in exchange for baby cuddles I would like to think my guests would have the wit not to visit if ill and not kiss someone else’s baby on the lips. I don’t even kiss my own baby on the lips, while I spend all day kissing every inch of his chubby little cheeks I don’t know what germs may be lurking around my mouth that could be passed on, only my husband gets to take that risk!! 

img_2446Although I hope I never overstayed my welcome visiting friends with new babies I probably wouldn’t have been as aware as I am post pregnancy how visitors popping in and out all day can be very disruptive for feeding and nap times especially when you are trying to establish a routine. Also I could never have imagined how exhausted the mummy would have been or even how much pain she may be in after giving birth! 

She also requested no posting photos of her baby online, again I feel this is perfectly reasonable especially if she isn’t even going to be posting photos herself. Before my baby was born I have to admit I was against the idea of plastering photos of children over social media but once I saw how gorgeous my own baby was I just had to show him off to my online friends!

The one rule I wouldn’t have been very good at sticking to myself was her request that when sleeping the baby needs to be placed in their cot, while I had plenty of people warning me not to make a rod for my own back I just couldn’t resist sleepy cuddles during his daytime nap. Who cares about the housework piling up when your newborn baby is snuggled up sleeping on your chest?!

So while I feel a formal list of rules for well meaning and generous visitors is taking it too far I totally understand new Mum anxiety. It is a difficult time adjusting to a whole new way of life, trying to figure out how to look after this new little person in your world and bonding as a family all while our hormones are up the left! So I think this new Mum should be given a bit of slack and just hope that once her baby is born her family and friends can be thoughtful enough that she finds her list of rules aren’t necessary!


1 thought on “Visitor rules- reasonable or taking it too far?”

  1. It is a bit controversial topic isn’t it? One thing I hated was when visitors had super strong perfume and then I could smell it all over my little ones. I would hope peke just exhibit common sense!

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