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Poem to my baby boy

Becoming a mother is the greatest love I’ve felt

To look at your little face makes my heart melt

I mightn’t be the best qualified as a Mum

But I manage to keep you fed with a clean bum!

Together we somehow muddle through

With a laugh, some tears and a cuddle too

As I look at you each day you grow up too fast

The weeks and months are just flying past!

It is exciting to watch the little person you have become

Let’s hope you turn out as cool as your mum!

I dream your road ahead is filled with love, happiness and joy

But wherever life leads you’ll always be my baby boy


23 thoughts on “Poem to my baby boy”

  1. So cute. Makes me think of all the precious moments I had when my babies were little and you just staring at them wondering what they’d grow up to be like 🙂

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  2. What a lovely poem. It was a long time ago that I was a new mum but I’m now enjoying being a Grandma to three boys.

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