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Baby gift ideas

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I have always loved buying baby gifts even before I had my own baby. I loved checking out all the tiny person clothes and buying cute outfits for my friends to dress their new little babies in. Clothes was always my go to gift when buying baby presents and on having my own baby I received practically a year’s worth of clothes for my own little man in gifts which was great considering how fast he seems to grow! I did receive some more unique presents though which I really appreciated and before having my own baby would never even thought of buying as a baby gift.

Personalised baby wooden keepsake box
This is a beautiful, high quality box which is a great size for keeping all the little keepsakes I will want to hold on to as my son grows.

Sophie the giraffe gift boxed
Beautifully presented plus Sophie is a great teether, perfect size for little hands and the texture seems to be soothing on sore gums.

Baby handprint and footprint clay kit photo frame
A lovely frame with space for photos and baby’s hand and footprint. Very easy to use and will be lovely to look back at how tiny his little hands and feet used to be!

Baby milestone cards
Lovely cards with a wide variety of milestones to mark each
new stage in your baby’s development.

Hooded mouse baby towel and mitten
Super soft towel and perfect size for growing babies plus he looks so cute wrapped up in it!

Baby name in freestanding fabric letters
Stunning handmade letters made from fabric spelling out baby’s name, also came with matching bunting to brighten up the nursery!

Baby memory book
Lovely book which can be personalised with photos and even baby’s footprint. Will be a nice keepsake for my son to look back on in years to come!

My first year photo frame
Space for a photo for each month of baby’s first year- I just ne
ed to get my photos printed now!


46 thoughts on “Baby gift ideas”

    1. Congratulations! You are probably better prepared than I was before my baby but there was just so many things I never even thought I needed until he was here! Exciting times ahead!


  1. We had a Sofia giraffe and my son liked it a lot! Sadly it got dropped by little hands when we were on vacation. 😦 Sofia the giraffe now lives in Estes Park!

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  2. I think the best thing we ever did was asking for all the diapers. I got so many that I didn’t have to buy any until my second child was almost 2! But I do also have a soft spot for those adorable hooded towels!!

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  3. These are beautiful ideas and the gifts are useful as well! I love gifting baby boxes, every new mum loves them as they can put almost everything in there!

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  4. I love the box idea! Anything personalized I think is a great touch. Though to be honest I usually get something for the mom at baby showers!

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  5. I love the idea of memory boxes and photo albums because babies change so quickly and it’s a fun way to remember all the milestones and for the child to later see what they were like as a baby. 🙂

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  6. I really loved your ideas here. Especially with the keepsake box and the milestone cards. I really love those. I registered for these gifts and got them and I was so grateful 🙂

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  7. Brilliant gift ideas and I love that so many of them are so personal, I really like the idea of the my first year photo frame. This is a must read for anyone looking to buy a new baby a present xx

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    1. Thanks for the feedback. Yes I love the first year photo frame but I am really bad at actually printing out photos, instead they are all stuck on my phone!


  8. In NEXT they sell baby boxes with the year on. I have one each for my daughters and keep all their little baby keepsakes in it. It’s the best baby gift I had as it has lasted so well and always cut one now for mummies to be.

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  9. Nappy cake. Immediately useful and you’re not creating clutter or imposing your personal tastes. Or a simple silver picture frame or photo album. Or baby’s first NS Premium Bond.

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