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Baby number 2 will soon be due!

I have had an extended break from my blog for the past few months but new year, new me so going to try to get myself more organised to fit a bit more blogging in! I have been back to work now after my maternity leave for six months which explains my silence on the blog front! I am so exhausted after a day at work, fitting in some quality time with a crazy 18 month old and trying to stop the house from falling down around us that I have zero energy to do anything else!

Another reason for my online absence is that I am pregnant again! I found out the day before I was due to go back after my last maternity leave so it probably didn’t make me the employee of the year going back to announce I would be taking another year of in the not so distant future! My morning sickness returned with a vengeance for the first trimester which knocked me off my feet but thankfully didn’t last as long as my last pregnancy so have been able to enjoy pregnancy experience a bit more this time! I had had a miscarriage a few months after my first baby was born so was terrified of something going wrong and didn’t want to jinx anything but I’m 33 weeks now and all seems to be going smoothly this far so I’m ready to share my good news online!

All being well in about 7 weeks time I’ll be a mum to two under 2’s! The thought is both exciting and terrifying so if anyone has any tips how to manage feel free to share! I’m mainly worried about how I will be able to divide my time between a newborn and a toddler, I am feeling bad that my son who has been used to having his mummy and daddy all to himself is going to feel jealous and also feeling bad that my next baby won’t get the same attention that my firstborn had! I look back on the early months with my first baby and realise just how calm and easy they were although I didn’t know that at the time! This time around I envision I will be trying to feed and change a newborn while chasing a toddler around the house as his dives off the top of the settee, attempts to escape out the door at every opportunity or tries to use our dog as a racehorse. I am hoping however that as I have kind of got the hang of this whole mummy business that the reality of a toddler and a baby won’t be as daunting as it seems in my head! Stay tuned to find out how we all adjust when baby number 2 arrives!!


17 thoughts on “Baby number 2 will soon be due!”

  1. Congrats on your baby number 2! I can’t really give advise though on how to handle two young ones as my boys are 5 years apart. And even that wasn’t so easy as I thought. I do wish you the very best though 🙂

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  2. Oh, how exciting! Good luck with it all! I can’t imagine what it’s like expecting a baby, with a toddler around.My first was already 4 when I had my second.

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  3. Oh wow, congratulations! My friend is about to become a dad to two under two! I had my second baby 6 months ago but his big brother is 5 so he’s pretty independent, thankfully. I’m so glad your pregnancy has gone well!

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