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Pampers Premium Protection Review

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I have had plenty of experience with pampers products having used them with my son for the past 2 years and so pampers were the obvious choice when baby number 2 arrived! I had never tried any other brands because I never had any need to! I had heard negative reports about different brands of nappies leaking or causing skin problems for babies but I have never experienced any of these problems with pampers so figured I should stick with the brand that I know and love. When I had the opportunity to test and review pampers premium protection nappies with my baby daughter I jumped at the chance to spread the word about these great nappies and share samples with my mummy friends.

Normally both my babies sleep through the night and they never leaks by the morning so I can confirm that pampers are super absorbent and must be comfy too otherwise they wouldn’t be getting such a good sleep! Pampers premium protection nappies also feel super soft to touch and neither of my kids suffer from any kind of skin irritation from them that other parents seem to have found from different brands.

I’ve shared samples with other mummies and the verdict has been a thumbs up from everyone so I think I may have made a few pampers converts! If you are a new mum or mummy-to-be I can highly recommend Pampers premium protection!


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