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Happy Father’s Day

A poem to my husband from our babies or what I imagine they would say if they could write poems….

Happy Father’s Day from us two,

Mummy says this day is all about you.

She said to let you have a lie in,

But we know you’d rather wake up to our cheeky grins!

We hear you say you are getting grey hair,

And it’s all because of us pair.

But really if the truth be told,

You are turning grey because you are old.

Our days of filled with laughter and fun,

We like to keep things busy for you and mum!

But we always have time for plenty of snuggles,

There’s no better place than our family cuddles!

So thank you for being our dad,

Now it’s time to get up there is fun to be had!


11 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day”

  1. Ha ha, very cheeky! Grey hair indeed! Lovely work, poet. I did a similar thing on my blog today too. 😂 xx

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