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Mrs Mactivity Early Years Provocations Review


With a newborn in the house I have had to get better at planning activities to keep my toddler son entertained. In my sleep deprived state, however, it isn’t always easy to come up with new ideas of fun things to do so I was delighted to be given the opportunity to receive free membership to the Mrs Mactivity resources to give me a helping hand!

The Mrs Mactivity site caters for early years learning right through to KS1 and KS2. At present I focused on the Early Years Provocations but it is good to know that there are plenty more activities for the kids to enjoy in years to come. All the resources are printable, clearly laid out and easy to follow.

The first activity we did was the Tuff Spot Tray Playdough Provocation. There is a short and long plan for each activity, the long version is good for getting organised in advance while the short worksheet was great to be able to refer to during the activity. My son had a brilliant time using different tools to make shapes with the play dough. This was a very open ended activity that allowed him to use his imagination and he was soon gathering different pieces from around the house to add into his play dough game.

We are both looking forward to trying more activities and with so many resources to cater for all ages of kids I know Mrs Activity will play a big part in our learning through play in years to come. Membership for a year is currently only £9.97 so sign up now to help keep the kids entertained this summer!

*we were given free access to the MrsActivity site for the purposes of this review but all opinions expressed are our own.


15 thoughts on “Mrs Mactivity Early Years Provocations Review”

  1. It’s so hard sometimes to adjust to a newborn with an older child. I had to find a few things like this to keep my older son entertained when my youngest was born. I’m glad you found a great option.

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  2. Nice. I like this trend of activity based resources on subscription. I use one called Intellikit, and it’s awesome for keeping my younger one entertained, while also being developmentally appropriate.

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  3. Great option rather than a phone to make older kids busy, it’s really a tough situation sometimes to take care of both of them.

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  4. Even I would love this activity. You couldn’t keep me away from the playdough. Good idea and congratulations on the baby!

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  5. The subscription seems very reasonable. And, when you have a newborn in the house it’s always good to have something that makes your life a little bit easier.

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  6. What a perfect product for these days of having a newborn and toddler! It can be such a struggle to keep both happy but this seems perfect!

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