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Book review- Uh Oh Milo! The Impolite Imps

Ad/gifted* My kids and I were delighted to have the opportunity to receive the ‘Uh Oh Milo! The Impolite Imps’ book to review. Right from the front cover the beautiful illustrations had already captured the kids attention and continued throughout. The story is amusing with excellent learning points for children to help teach some manners… Continue reading Book review- Uh Oh Milo! The Impolite Imps

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Contradictions of Parenting

Parenting is a funny old business. I find myself saying one thing one day then totally contradicting myself the next! One minute I think I have given birth to an angel the next it seems like I am raising a monster! How can my baby girl have such cute smiles and sweet baby talk then… Continue reading Contradictions of Parenting